Horóscopos de Nana Calistar para HOY 25 de noviembre: esto te espera este viernes

It’s here, it’s here! Nana Calistar brings the best predictions for all his followers who await his daily recommendations to start this Friday, November 25 on the right foot and with the best vibes for all the signs of the zodiac.

The astrologer revealed for the following horoscopes, how they will do in love, fortune and luck, where most will have to make use of reflection on what is happening in your life, especially in the sentimental and spiritual field.

A special message from the universe will reach each sign of the zodiac Photo: Special

Pay close attention because below we present what Calistar brings to each of them. On with the horoscopes.


For those born under the sign of ARIES Between March 21 and April 20, that exam has given you a lot of thought and could contact you in the near future. Sometimes you get carried away by very silly issues and you react badly, don’t take things so hard, learn to send those who only make you feel dirty and look for you out of interest.

A new friendship will enter your circle, it will give you a shingo of joy and will be your accomplice in many evil things that only you are capable of doing, learn to value who is always by your side without asking for anything in return, learn to express more your feelings and say what you feel, sometimes you fall into very stupid situations, since it is difficult for you to express what your heart feels. Thought changes. A love will return.

2. Taurus

For the TAURUS, the signs born between April 21 and May 21, you could feel guilty for past mistakes, close circles, heal wounds and start again. Take care of your diet, since you will be very vulnerable to gaining a little weight these days, life will fill you with incredible surprises these days, it is possible that a person from a distance makes you feel very special, learn to value who has always been there when everyone is gone.

Learn to send those people to hell and realize that there will always be negative comments and more for being a person who is not afraid to say what they feel, remember that you were born to be the protagonist and not for supporting roles, Whoever loves you will have to give you that value. Start looking for solutions to your problems, do not confuse your path and your needs, life will put you a very big test so that you value what you have around you, there are times when you get discouraged because something does not turn out as you planned; however, keep in mind that things happen for a reason.

3. Gemini

For the GEMINI, the signs born between May 22 and June 21 If you have a partner, certain problems could arise due to a person from the past. Throw away the past if you were wrong or hurt you already paid for it, focus your strength, life and energy on improving for yourself and being a better person. Take more care of your diet, since you will be exposed to infections and you will gain weight in the coming weeks.

You have many conflicts with your past and for that reason it is difficult for you to see the present with different eyes, forgive yourself for your mistakes and seek your happiness in the little things. At the moment you set your mind to it, you will be able to materialize each of your dreams, you are wrapped in envy by many of the people around you and that to a certain degree does not let you move forward, sweep yourself with a reversible candle and light it to return all those pranks and shingaderas that people do to you.

4. Cancer

For the CANCER, the signs born between June 22 and July 23, do not worry about what you do not have and enjoy what surrounds you, there is a person with pearly skin who is feeling some interest in you more; however, certain negative attitudes of yours have made this person move away a bit. Take great care of issues that have to do with anger and arguments, since you could harm people who are really important.

Certain doubts could arise about the fidelity of a certain friendship and it is that you receive negative comments, do not pay attention to everything you hear and first check before complaining to that friendship. You could get into a somewhat complex situation with your inner self, there are problems from the past that you do not forgive yourself and lately you tend to blame yourself for mistakes that are not yours.

5. Leo

For the LEO, the signs born between July 24 and August 23, you must be very careful not to expect more than the amount of people you know perfectly well that they will not give or contribute anything, they will only make you angry. A procedure will have to wait, it is not time to make such movements. Friendship from the past tries to solve a problem that he had with you.

Do not live in situations that do not correspond to you, do not go where you are not called and do not try to change or pretend to be something that you are not to please people who only seek you to harm you or get something from you. You might need a person who physically no longer belongs to this world; Don’t worry, he’s fine and he’s protecting you. Love will smile at you the day you learn to love yourself, love yourself and live in solitude, do not see love as a necessity but as a choice


For the VIRGO, the signs born between August 24 and September 22, be careful to go so fast in your life or you could stumble and hurt yourself too much. You will start a cycle where you will see more for yourself and you will begin to get rid of all that garbage that does not let you continue or continue. Beware of material losses, a trip that you planned will not turn out as you expected. Important changes are coming in your life, including the arrival of a new friendship, the opportunity for a new job and changes in your way of seeing life, you will mature faster than you imagine.

There is the possibility of a trip and that you meet again with family that you have not seen for a long time. If you have a relationship, it becomes a somewhat gray scenario in terms of understanding, do not argue with your partner over such banal things, learn to enjoy simple moments. You could see yourself involved in gossip by family members, they are very much about values ​​and good customs and stuff, you enjoy life.

7. Libra

For the POUND, signs born between September 23 and October 22, a trip in mind could help you a lot to relieve stress. A white-skinned person is going to approach you, his intentions will not be good. Time to get rid of so many issues that harm your existence, many times you pay attention to such silly comments and you live off the comments you receive from people without doing things that should not harm you with what they say. Do not comment on your plans, they might not come together well due to bad energy from people around you.

Invitations to some events are coming, a family reunion or a birthday or wedding is on the horizon, you will have an incredible time. Friendship from the past returns to your circle. Interest in a person with the sign of leo, cancer or capricorn could arise these days, you will know how to realize her feelings towards you, it could become a lasting relationship if both parties put in the desire and effort that is needed

8. Scorpio

For the SCORPIO, signs born between October 23 and November 22, you should not confuse your feelings and do not give third chances because they will put the finger in your mouth again. Learn to value yourself a lot and no longer expect anything from anyone. Do not allow anyone to disturb your inner peace, remember that you need to be calm or calm inside. Expareja will be scrubbing and pestering you these days. Whenever you seek to improve in an aspect, analyze why you do it, remember that these changes are only for you and for you and not to satisfy someone.

If you already have a relationship, don’t make the same mistakes of the past, learn to value what you have by your side and be more mature when making decisions. If you have a relationship, it becomes an argument for a third person and family misunderstandings. Hit hard on the dreams and goals you have, don’t let your guard down for anything and focus your energy and time on fighting for what moves you and makes you feel alive.

9. Sagittarius

For the SAGITTARIUSthe sign that will dominate the next few days and those born between November 23 and December 21, you love until your marrow hurts and that is why on many occasions you end up hurt or hurt, it is time to decide and go for what moves you your world, love is not that it was not made for you, it is just that you have not managed to find someone who loves in the same amount that you do.

Your fucking bad mood sometimes ching4 to whom you least owe it or fear it, do not allow bipolarity to continue manipulating you and make a kite out of your life, take the bull by the horns and face whatever comes, life will give you a lesson so that you can understand and understand many things in which you have lost a lot. A very dog-like love comes to you at a distance, you are going to fall in love a lot, since it will teach you to see life in a way that you did not think. You could injure your foot or arm from a blow. A friend could be the victim of theft or loss of objects.

10. Capricorn

For the CAPRICORN, born between December 22 and January 19, days are coming in which you should focus on changing a lot your way of being and acting with the people around you because you are giving entry into your life to people who only care about you. they harm or hurt you. Perhaps you are somewhat confused or confused in matters of love, but keep in mind that you are at a stage in which you do not need a partner to be happy, take advantage of your single life to enjoy with whomever your shingada wins and fulfill goals and projects that surely with a partner you will not be able to.

The asshole was not made for you; However, you have met her, since you have humiliated yourself many times to get what you want, you like to throw yourself on the floor to get up, but you don’t have a hair as a p3ndejo, since you know very well how to achieve your goals and objectives . Your strong character and your loose tongue could get you into some very bad trouble from which it would be very difficult for you to get out.

11. Aquarium

For the AQUARIUM, signs of the zodiac born between January 20 and February 19, if you have a partner and you feel that he has distanced himself or has changed with you, let him know, do not keep anything in the crop, since in the long run it becomes a time bomb. Friendship commits these days; It is possible that you suffer from jealousy for a person who is not yours, be careful, since they are the first signs that you feel something in your heart.

A one night love is coming this week it could arise, do not fall in love so quickly and wait for things to take their course. When it comes to matters of love, your heart is more than ready to start a relationship, put your batteries together and give yourself the opportunity to be happy, sometimes you are afraid of trying something and not being able to consolidate it. If you have a partner and they have moved away from you, investigate this aspect a little more and do not let it pass, remember that sometimes what they do not have at home they go to look for it in other places.

12. Pisces

For the PISCES, zodiac signs born between February 20 and March 20, that job that has to do with sales could be excellent to improve what your income has been. New loves are displayed, a very close friendship will give you a big surprise. Improvements at work, go thinking about a business, as it would be a good option to improve your income. Whenever you want to start a business, visualize that it will go in the best way, since only in this way will you be able to attract positive things.

Be very careful who you give your heart to, since you could make very big mistakes, there are times when you get very desperate when you don’t see that your partner reacts or treats you the way you want, remember that not all people love in the same way , but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you or feel something for you. Discard all those vain illusions that you have had with that person who does nothing to have you in your life, you must learn to love yourself much more and realize that no one is indispensable and we are all replaceable.


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