Stock market operation of AFIP and CNV – News from Argentina


October 2, 2023 – 00:00

The Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) and the National Securities Commission carried out a control operation in the companies that lead the Stock Market. Both organizations analyze 78,000 operations that represent more than $645,000 million.

The organization led by Carlos Castagneto analyzed the financial capacity that clients of stockbrokers have to carry out operations. To this end, the AFIP evaluated the information that arises from the Affidavits presented by taxpayers, as well as the information bases provided by other public and private entities. After processing the information collected, AFIP will carry out audits of those taxpayers who do not justify the origin of the funds used.

Furthermore, in appropriate cases, Unusual Operations Reports will be generated, which are those operations attempted or carried out in isolation or repeatedly, without economic or legal justification, either because they are not related to the economic, financial, patrimonial or financial profile. client’s tax.

They are also operations that deviate from the uses and customs in market practices, due to their frequency, habituality, amount, among other aspects.

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